designletter no. 1: Austin Interiors That Inspire

designletter no. 1: Austin Interiors That Inspire

Home was once the place we rushed home to after a laboring day at work but these days it’s being reframed by a viral pathogen that has swept the globe and turned our domiciles into a prescription that we have to digest to survive. As our current situation (thanks COVID-19) changes the way we both work in and inhabit our living spaces, one quickly recognizes the importance of thoughtful (+ beautiful) design in creating an environment that can counter the negative side-effects of a pandemic and the stress of a demanding day at e-work.

It’s time’s like these that we fully appreciate just how important the design we so easily overlook and take for granted is to our productivity and to our happiness. Inspired by seeing so many of your spaces on zoom calls and newscasts, we searched the work archives of various architects + interior designers in the Austin area to curate a list of our favorites for your simple viewing pleasure.

Now more than ever, it’s important to shine a light on small business owners so this post is dedicated to those talented individuals and teams that create the beautiful spaces that most of us can only conjure in our dreams.

I hope these images give you a small escape from your own living room and, most importantly, that you’re staying safe + well.



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